Aronia growers joining forces to market the only super-fruit that is native to the USA. Growing the highest quality aronia berries is our top priority.


The National Aronia Growers, LLC began in 2015 to become the midwest aronia grower's premier and sustainable aggregator of aronia berries.  We strive to provide research and education to further the growers knowledge base on how to grow a top quality berry crop.

2017 NAG Conference

Over 100 Aronia growers attended the 2017 National Aronia Grower's conference held in Des Moines, IA on November 17th & 18th.  Attendees were involved in various educational sessions such as soil health, harvester options and pest control.

Join Us!

If you grow aronia berries and are looking for the right place

to market them, or seek additional education on how to become an aronia berry grower, then you should consider joining the National Aronia Growers LLC.  Click the "Become a NAG Member" tab above to fill out a form and we will contact you.

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