Join the National Aronia Grower's

By joining you gain access to:
  1. The number one aggregator of aronia to market your berries
  2. Top notch education to grow premium quality aronia​ berries
  3. Aronia field consultations and inspections​
  4. And more...
What does NAG provide to our growers?
  • Assist with proper paperwork for field management information that will be required as a grower

  • Provide a list of contract harvesters, truckers, de-stemming and other contractors available

  • Work with federal, state and other organizations to provide appropriate workshops to growers as needed

  • Offer 4 levels/categories of annual enrollment fees based on the size of each grower's total plantings

  • NAG will not purchase berries from non-program growers unless all berry inventories are exhausted

What will growers provide to NAG?
  • To grow the highest quality and safest fruit possible

  • Maintain proper and current field management documentation (harvesting, storage and transportation) as NAG may require

  • Follow the Safe Food Handling guide provided, for harvesting, handling, cool down, storage and transportation

  • Follow Good Agricultural Practices provided by NAG

  • Allow aronia berry fields to be inspected by a NAG representative and berry inspection at the freezer storage facility

  • Pay the annual marketing fee by February 15th

  • Growers are responsible for harvesting, de-stemming, cleaning, and shipping costs

  • Growers must meet NAG requirements for optimal quality