• Jennifer Heisterkamp

Water Requirements For Newly Planted Seedlings

Aronia seedlings are some of the hardiest seedlings I have run across in my many years as a forester in SD and other states, but even they need water. The greatest need to a woody seedling following planting is water for growing fibrous roots quickly.

Here are some points to consider to increase survival.

  • If planting bare root stock, a good soaking seedling of the roots for an hour before planting can increase survival.

  • How much water? About 32 oz. within an hour after planting. This helps settle the soil and rehydrate roots

How often? Every 2 to 3 days with about 24 oz. using a slow soak method to penetrate the soil to 12 inches-Water quality is important and too much total dissolved salts can lead to injury and death of seedlings.

  • The second year seedlings still benefit from supplemental watering.

  • How often and how much water in year 2? Twice a week with one gallon at each watering.

The third year and in case of drought water once per week using 4 gallons. For more watering information, please contact Jeff Stewart


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