2017 National Aronia Grower's Conference

The 2nd Annual National Aronia Growers Conference was held on November 17th & 18th, 2017 at the Des Moines Marriott!

Pictured: Charlie Caldwell, VP of N.A.G.; Scott Reese, Director of Sales for Lifebrook, LLC;  Jolene Caldwell, N.A.G. Board Member

National Aronia Growers conference attendees holding up their Fruit of the Loom underwear after listening to "Soil Health Matters" presented by Michael White -ISU Extension & Outreach.

John Coleman from eWeatherRisk, spoke on strategies to offset weather-induced financial losses such as a Freeze and Rainfall Programs.

Dr. John Halloran presented to the attendees some health science behind the powerful Aronia berry.

Pictured with NAG President, Tony Heisterkamp is our 2017 Growers of the Year, Gene Hilgenkamp, Dale Hilgenkamp and not present, James Hilgenkamp.

"Tighty Whitey Underwear Project!  It's all about "Soil Health Matters".

Donald Lewis, Entomologist, Iowa State Extension spoke on "Insects and Disease".

Chris Kniffen, from Soil Works, presented to the growers on "Proper Aronia Fertility & Application Timing".

Dean Mangrich from Aronia Berry Services of NE Iowa spoke on harvestor options for the growers.